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Treatment Approaches

Woodland Hills Therapist

Rhonda Hauser, LCSW

With any approach, my goal is to significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms and improve overall quality of life. After completing an assessment, we will explore origins of thoughts and feelings and then begin working on techniques for change. I tend to focus on balance and what it means to achieve a healthy life balance for you. Coping techniques, and how they are used and applied by you, will regularly be examined. We may use techniques interchangeably to find the most powerful strategies that will make for lasting change. I have been extensively trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, but use a number of treatment approaches dependant on what your needs and style are. I consider myself solution focused, meaning I will work with you to quickly get to the root of the problem and incorporate practical strategies for positive growth and change. I work with individuals, couples, and groups.

Some treatment approaches I commonly use include:

Psychodynamic Therapy

I start with this technique to emphasize that we first need to understand the origins of our behavior. Then, we can begin using a variety of other techniques to promote positive change and growth. A simple summation of psychodynamic therapy … Continue reading

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Research has shown that we say thousands of things to ourselves every day. These words are often an unconscious process and have developed throughout our lifespan. We all interpret events, situations, and occurrences based on our view of the world … Continue reading

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (pronounced ACT) put simply is learning to accept what is out of your personal control and to commit to action that improves and enriches your life. The goal of ACT is to help you achieve a … Continue reading

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Often called DBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy is effective for many conditions. There are four main components of DBT: Mindfulness Skills, Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills, Emotional Modulation Skills, and Distress Tolerance Skills. It is often done in group and individual settings. I … Continue reading

Positive Psychology

Substantial research has focused on exploring what makes people happy? What makes people flourish? In this approach, we focus not on what is broken, but on what facilitates growth and wellness. We will identify and focus on your strengths and … Continue reading


Often utilized as a homework assignment, Cinematherapy is an innovative treatment modality. Depending on what you’re struggling with, I use a long list of films that are relevant for many of life’s issues and will assign viewing the film as … Continue reading
Rhonda Hauser, LCSW
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